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Update your space with modern LVP–a waterproof flooring that’s both trendy and resilient!

If you’re currently hunting for the perfect floors for your home, then you may be overwhelmed with the endless material and design choices. How should you decide what’s best for your upcoming redesign? When considering your lifestyle and living space, as well as the essential characteristics you’d like for your floors, you may conclude that one surfacing stands out from the rest –LVP. Luxury vinyl plank, known as LVP in the industry, is a trendy, resilient, waterproof flooring. Sound interesting, doesn't it? Well, then, let's go over several other excellent qualities this stunning, modern surfacing can give you.


First and foremost, LVP is widely known for its waterproof capabilities. Truthfully, these planks can be installed in any space. However, they’re especially ideal for areas that experience humidity or water every so often. For instance, bathrooms, basements, mudrooms, and kitchens would benefit from waterproof floors.

Simple to maintain, quick to clean

Of course, like any other surfacing options, luxury vinyl needs maintenance and cleaning. Luckily though, LVP flooring doesn’t require complicated upkeep and is very quick to clean. Keep your waterproof floors clean with daily sweeping and regular damp mopping. What’s great is LVP flooring doesn’t need to be waxed. You’ll get years and years of luxurious shine thanks to its protective wear coating.

High durability

Aside from being waterproof, luxury vinyl is also highly durable. It won’t stain, dent or scratch easily. Created for busy households, these planks are perfect for families with children or pets. Also, these waterproof floors are super simple to install in any room.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Midway, FL from Southern Flooring and Design

Realistic textures and definition

Another terrific feature of luxury vinyl floors is its chameleon-like abilities. Essentially, it's manufactured in a vast assortment of designs and lookalike options. So, you can choose a different type of flooring material you like, for instance, hardwood or ceramic, and get LVP flooring in that specific look. Truthfully, the appearance is so authentic that you’ll have trouble distinguishing between them!

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