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Warm, luxurious carpet makes for a comfortable, impressive wall-to-wall installation

When you decide on carpeting for your home, you’re assured numerous benefits you’re sure to enjoy over and over. Warm and comforting, soft surfacing provides a luxurious coziness that truly unrivaled. Easy to maintain and clean, and with the latest modern designs, many carpet models are now stain-resistant and water repellant. Wondering if carpets would be the right choice for your upcoming renovation? Let’s go over several exceptional advantages you’ll get from carpets.

Exceptional underfoot comfort

Without a doubt, carpeting is most known for its exceptional level of comfort. No matter where you install it in your house, you’ll get underfoot warmth, padding, and security that’s unmatched. Not only does it give you instant underfoot cushioning, but it also creates a sense of welcome both visually and texturally.

Impressive insulative properties

Another great benefit of adding a carpet installation to any room is the impressive insulative properties it provides. While some other types of surfacing materials may leave your feet freezing, that’s certainly not the case with carpeting. With the appropriate under padding, dense fibers insulate warmth in the home and keep it contained, yet also provide a cooler environment in warmer months.

Improves household safety

Because of its soft fibers underfoot, wall-to-wall can make your home more secure. The material provides a better grip when walking on its surface. Thus, it limits tripping, improves household safety, and in turn prevents injuries. This characteristic can be especially helpful for individuals with reduced or limited mobility, like seniors, toddlers, and young children.
Luxury carpet in Tallahassee, FL from Southern Flooring and Design

Lovely aesthetic appeal

As a flooring option, carpeting is extremely flexible design-wise, seamlessly integrating into any space. It offers a way to introduce a unique look to any room. From bright, fresh neutral tones to dark, vibrant patterns, wall-to-wall adds a whole new dimension to decorating your space. Simply put, your guests won’t believe their eyes when you redo your room!

Carpet flooring store

If you’re in search of a carpet flooring store that carries high-quality materials at budget-conscious prices, then visit our Southern Flooring and Design showrooms in Tallahassee and Crawfordville, FL. We believe in offering honest guidance to all our customers, ensuring you get the right floors for your renovation. As one of the leading carpet flooring retailers in Florida, we pride ourselves on giving you excellent service! Serving the Leon County, Wakulla County, Gadsden County, Franklin County, and Jefferson County, we can simplify your upcoming redesign. Drop by your local carpet flooring retailer today!