What hardwood flooring colors are trending?

What hardwood flooring colors are trending?

If you prefer solid hardwood flooring, you'll find that specific colors are trending. These options are versatile and offer a wealth of decor-matching beauty.

If you've never shopped for specific color trends, this is a great time to find out what they can do. Here are some options that are sure to turn your head.

Amazing, whitewashed hardwood

Whitewashed hardwood is a popular trend that looks to be gaining popularity. It will be around for a while, so you'll want to learn more about it and what it can do for you.

This visual is perfect for a beachy, bleached-out wood flooring look, especially with a specific decor. But it's also a good fit for a farmhouse look, especially in the kitchen and foyer areas.

Light stain colors will stay current

Light wood stain colors aren't just a trend. They offer many benefits that work in every room of your home.

Consider how these colors make small rooms look bigger, creating an airier space. But you'll also find these options hide dirt, debris, dander, and more, for easy cleaning and great looks.

Gray and greige are still in style

Because they've been so popular, you've probably seen gray and greige wood flooring trends. And their versatility allows them to remain current still today.

These options are a perfect neutral blend for almost any decor scheme. They work well with many furnishings and designs, so give them a second look today.

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