Is hardwood flooring available in random-width planks?

Is hardwood flooring available in random-width planks?

Random-width wood flooring, available today in many styles, provides a time-worn look reminiscent of the floors that early home builders constructed. Our industrious forefathers felled available and used as much wood as possible. As a result, these rustic wood flooring styles enhance both modern and traditional room decor. You can find a large selection of random-width planks at Southern Flooring and Design. We have a showroom in Tallahassee and Crawfordville, Florida.

Width and length

The random-width planks used to construct a unique floor vary in length and width. Remember that a floor composed of long, wide planks has the fewest seams. Planks that vary in size work well in large rooms with high ceilings. Conversely, a random-width plank floor makes a small space feel a bit more open. You'll create a focal point in a room when you choose this wood flooring, so it pairs well with an all-white or other monotone room design.


It's most common for flooring designers to use a grouping of three different plank widths when creating a random pattern. Groupings of two plank widths are an alternative. You have a choice between a regular, recurring pattern or a completely random layout. Creating a historically accurate hardwood floor is a job for the pros. Southern Flooring and Design's installers can construct a floor with an appealing, natural look that blends well with your decorating style.

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